Author/Writer – Jeffrey A. Cooper

This author/writer blog and website for Jeffrey A. Cooper showcases original short stories, new fiction, and excerpts from published books.  Please, no wagering.

My stories are fast-paced, darkly comedic crime thrillers.  My first novel, “How to Steal a Truck Full of Nickels” was published in 2015.  My second novel, “Burn One Down: A Bad Apples Caper” was published in 2018. My third novel, “Out to Get Me” will publish in June, 2022.

I write books for people that don’t like to read books.

I also write for film and television.   I have co-created two television pilots executive produced by Emmy-award winning comedian Louie Anderson, and am currently shopping a movie project with nobody I can mention right now which sounds really phony but it’s not. I highlight my short fiction and the rare career update here, but if you know anything about writers, don’t hold your breath.  

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading.  I like people like you.